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Sydney Australia


Studio addition to existing 2 storey terrace

photographer: Des Harris


The existing house forms part a group of 4 double storey terraces built in 1901. It terminates the northern end of the triangular shaped overall site, wedged between the Burton St bridge to the south, a pedestrian path to the west and Boundary St to the east.

The client brief was to design a small working studio extension with storage, without undertaking any alterations to the existing.

The concept is to add a new overhanging volume on top of the previous addition to provide sun-shading and clad the existing and new with the same and single material to read them as ‘one’.

With its metal sheeted walls, the new addition forms a contemporary answer to the existing terrace. By shaping the roof and angling the courtyard facade towards north and away from the street, it adopts the triangular theme of the site and receives increased sun access and privacy.

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