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Studio Schelp is an architecture and interior design practice based in Darlinghurst Sydney Australia.

We offer individual design solutions resulting from the exploration and interpretation of clients needs and aspirations, project specific requirements and site opportunities.  


Our aim is to deliver design excellence, whatever the budget, and exercise responsible management. Both creative process and project management are considered equally important and it is this commitment that drives us to pursue innovation both in design and procurement strategies.


No matter the project scope and scale, we provide services tailored to your requirements.
In initial free meetings, we discuss your plans and their potentials, and advise on the most suitable process to help you turn your vision into reality.

Our services cover concept design, design development, development application, construction documentation, tender, contract administration and services during construction.


CONTEMPORARY - We design buildings today for tomorrow. Our design approach is clear, strong and sensitive, resulting in buildings that are timeless. Our design is not fashionable, neither does it imitate the past.


INNOVATIVE - We aim to challenge traditional preconceptions of space. We design by asking questions and finding ways of overcoming problems. 


SUSTAINABLE - We believe that environmentally sustainable architecture is the only possible answer to the limited resources of our planet. We provide design solutions and technology maximising the use of natural resources. 


SOCIAL - We believe the quality of the spaces we live in can lift up the quality of our lives. We create spaces for people and provide spatial solutions which respond to their needs and way of living and interacting. 


COMPLETE - Our design approach covers all scales of the building, and applies to all building types, large or small. Each building becomes a total work, with integrated interior design, built-in joinery and furniture, fittings and fixtures all receiving the same attention to details to become part of a cohesive whole.


COMMUNICATION - We aim to develop a close and transparent working environment between client, architect and all parties involved in a project, where platforms are available to exchange expertise, needs and requirements. 


COORDINATION - We take a proactive role in leading the design team and insuring that all activities and costs are monitored throughout the entire project, enabling completion date objectives and budgets to be kept under control.


COMMITMENT - We are committed to deliver what we promise.

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